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Very fun place to stay

Very fun place to stay that is close to the beach. Read moreAdam, Lynnwood, AB

Nice beach house, great views

Nice beach house! Great views, clean, comfy, and nice to have our very own semi-private beach. Read moreJordan, Olympia, WA

Clean and lovely, loved it

Loved it! Falling asleep to the sound of the ocean was wonderful. Read moreSharon, Issaquah, WA

Great home for beach trip

Great home for beach trip or quiet getaway. Read moreBob, Tacoma, WA

Lovely house with terrific views

Lovely house with terrific views, close to clamming beaches. Read moreBrooke, Seattle, WA

What a great place to stay

What a great place to stay if you love the beach. So close to walk to. The view of the ocean was awesome from the living room and deck. Read moreBrigitte, Snohomish, WA

A perfect place

A perfect place for our 6 adults + 1 toddler to spend a family weekend Read moreErika, Bellevue, WA

I'd recommend this property to anyone with a big sized group wanting to stay together under one roof

The Sportsman Cabin was a perfect place for our family to stay for the weekend. Read moreHolly, Middleton, ID

Overall, a really lovely spot!

Our stay was fantastic! Read moreHannah, Portland, OR

Great location, with WIFI, Netflix options on the smart tv, it was also clean and comfy.

We enjoyed cooking crab in the kitchen. Read moreChristy, Seattle, WA

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