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A nice house to stay

It was a nice house to stay in for us as we were constantly on the go. Read moreMichael, Vancouver, WA

Location in town was great

Location in Town was great and Penny very responsive to our questions and needs. Read morePaul, Mississauga , OH

Everything was great.

Everything was great. Read moreLuanne, Marysville, wa

Overall...great service

Read moreMichelle, Ferndale, WA

Nothing but compliments

Read moreBrenda, Sagle, ID

This was the right house for my group.

This was the right house for my group. Every one enjoyed there stay. Very clean. Thank you very much. – Hugh Snyder

Rating from Tonja

Tonja Everett

Great layout!

Great place for two people or eight people. Great layout! – Anonymous

Great Stay

Great stay, thanks Read moreBrett, Anacortes, WA

Comfortable living

Great place for the price. We will be back! Read moretodd, Wallace, ID

The cottage was nice

The cottage was nice Read moreAndrew, Shoreline, WA

We had a great time!

We had a great time! Read moreJessica, Lynnwod , WA

We could hear the ocean from the deck.

Our trip to the beach for our new annual girls weekend was fantastic! Read moreCorene, Rainier, WA

Had a cozy fire both nights

We definitely will return and hope to stay there again this coming September. We highly recommend this rental. Read moreMarty, Olympia, WA

Dragonfly cabin is cozy & quiet

Dragonfly cabin is cozy & quiet with great small touches that made it feel like home. Read moreAli

Started plans for a return trip

Many stars given our group has already started plans for a return trip the pictures were good but seeing it was amazing. We all had a great time despite the bad weather the dvd and games were great for all ages Read moreCheryl, Moses Lake, WA

A good place to stay

Read moreCarl, Ruidoso, NM

Very fun place to stay that is close to the beach

Very fun place to stay that is close to the beach. Read moreAdam, Lynnwood, WA

Very clean and nice home

Very clean and nice for an older home, Had everything we needed! Nice game room and small balcony off the master was a nice surprise. Read moreVivian, Tacoma, WA

This place provided great memories

This place provided great memories Read moreWilliam, Spokane , WA

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