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Loved the property

Had a great time! Loved the property! Will definitely be back! Thank you. Read morePatrick

Fishing was great on such a fabulous day

Wow! What a nice visit! Thanks for renting us your beautiful home. We had a great visit. The weather was spectacular. We had a fabulous time fishing. Read moreValerie

Flawless as Expected

This was our second visit and it was flawless as we expected. Great accomodations with a perfect view of the boat basin. – Ron

The Condo was Beautiful

The condo was beautiful inside and out. It was great to sit in the living room and on the patio and watch the boats go by. It was plenty spacious for three adult couples and it was great having two bathrooms. We would stay here again. – Paul & Casandra

Review from Susan

Read moreSusan, Roswell, GA

You guys made our trip!!

The house was beautiful, spotless and super comfortable. Great experience! Kylee was super helpful as well as the owners. You guys made our trip!! We enjoyed our stay very much! – Paola, Colorado Springs, CO

A very good job

We had a lot of work to do to get the homes ready, but working on it fast. Trina has done a very good job. – Karen, Bellevue, WA

Nothing but compliments

Blair, Seattle, WA

The home was quite nice

The Home was quite nice and adequately met our needs for the 38 hours we stayed there Read moreBrian, Spokane, WA

We were impressed

We just spent a three day weekend at this awesome house. It worked perfect for three couples and two young kids(2 &5). The accommodations could not have been better. Read moreMaria, Puyallup, WA

House was beautiful and perfect

House was beautiful and perfect for a relaxing getaway with friends. Read moreCathy, Seattle, WA

Excellent location and very comfortable

This house has an excellent location and was very comfortable. Read moreRodric, Everett, WA

Great place, wonderful retreat and beautiful views

Great place. Wonderful retreat. Beautiful views. Read moreMarc, Seattle, WA

Had a fantastic time!

Had a fantastic time!

Had a great weekend

Thank you fo letting us use your place. We had a great bachelor weekend getaway. – Tyler, Drew, Jared, etc

I never knew you had artist talent. Wow.

To think all of this is made from items you found on the beach is very special. I am now one of your collectors. Read moreJoseph, West Seattle, WA

It was a wonderful weekend

It was a wonderful weekend!! We stayed at the Mandala Sands in Westport. It was an amazing location and comfortably lodged 6 adults and 2 kids. Read moreBecky, Bellingham, WA

It was an excellent getaway

A great little getaway walking distance to the ocean. The pool and hot tub were clean and warm. Read morePhilip, Bellingham, WA

It was clean, the fireplace was toasty

We were desperate for a place to stay after our bike race, so I'm glad at least this one was available! Read moreCourtney, Kenmore, WA

It was perfect and the TIVO was a great touch

We had a great time in your beautiful house! It was perfect and the TIVO was a great touch! I would say the number bed was the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in! Thanks again! – Lela & Tyler

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