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Hope Shores Condo

Directions to Idaho


Idaho is not the center of the known world, but it just might be the best part of the world. So if you're coming from anywhere in the US or abroad you'll want to fly into Boise for most destinations in the Southern part of the State. For the Northern Panhandle the easiest route is to fly into Spokane Washington and travel by car East just an hour or so and you're here. Of course you can drive from anywhere in the US or Canada and major Interstates dissect the state East-West and North-South.

Directions to this property

From Sandpoint:

- Head East from Sandpoint, ID on Hwy 200
- After taking Hwy 200 for about 18 miles, Holiday Shores Condominiums will be on your right
- Unit #103 is at the far Southeast end of the complex (turn left after entering the parking lot)
- Unit #103 will be upstairs in the last building at the end of the parking lot