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A Beacon of Hope - Westport, Washington

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Date: 11/10/20
Caption: The world we live in is changing. However, some places will always remain the same.
Description: The world we live in is changing. However, some places will always remain the same. A place that calls to you to reset and connect with people and nature. In a time when there is so much uncertainty, there is one thing we know for sure. When the winds change and the time is right, we'll illuminate the lights to guide you back.

Produced for Experience Westport Tourism

When working in travel and tourism, it's not often you're tasked with the request to ask visitors not to come to your destination. COVID-19 has changed the scope of communication for pretty much everyone in our industry, and beyond. Our client, Westport, WA, a small town on the Washington coast, is highly dependent on tourism with many small, family-run businesses working to survive this pandemic.

With this video, we aimed to create a message of hope, using the lighthouse to showcase Westport's long history of guiding travelers to their shores, highlighting the current emptiness of this small town and giving the audience a few minutes to escape the stress that's all around us. To inspire future visits and the reassurance that we need travelers to return, even though for now, we ask them to stay home. We want visitors to know they will be welcomed back with open arms when the time is right. We hope that visitors and locals alike connect with what we made, this is a special place and we hope to see locals take pride in what we've created and for visitors to know we sincerely do wish to welcome them back soon.

We feel blessed to be working in such a great community and are so thankful they have put their trust in us. We would love for you to support Westport by sharing this video and visiting when you have the chance!

-Greg and Jill